Inooro TV’s, Wambui Wa Kabue Welcomes Jose Gatutura’s Baby.

Gorgeous Inooro TV presenter, Nyambura Wa Kabue is said to have welcomed Mugithi Maestro, Jose Gatutura’s child.

The Mwigangaro (enjoyment) host at Inooro TV is reportedly the new mother in town and the child was fathered by Gatutura.

Speaking to a local daily, Gatutura had stated that he has no issue with the public talking about his life in music but has an issue with those talking about his private life.

The two, however have not confirmed whether the child was fathered by Gatutura.

Taking to facebook, Nyambura shared the details of her pregnancy saying;

“Surprise 1, When I got pregnant towards the end of last year I decided to keep it to myself before figuring out how I was going to break the news to my family and close friends. For several months my pregnancy didn’t show except for the nose. I bought a card and put 2 sticker notes. Sticker note 1 read “Am pregnant” sticker note 2 was the number of months. I took several videos let me share a few.”

Notably, Gatutura is said to be a father of other children as confirmed by a close source.

“He has other kids which he takes care of. Otherwise, we would have seen the lady calling him out,” the source told a local daily.