I found my husband having sex with my sister who was staying in our house

My name is Carol and I was married to my husband for twelve years where we had three children. My husband was managing our family business while I was working as an office assistant, and I, therefore, left for work early and came back after dusk.

After completing her college examinations, my little sister Catherine called me and asked me to let her live in my house since she was done with her education and she had not yet gotten a job. I thought it was a good idea for her to come and apply for jobs as she was at my house. Heartbroken lady narrates how she lost her boyfriend to her friend

My husband did not have a problem with her and so a few days later, she came to our home in Kileleshwa and she actually made my life easier since at times I would work up to late and she would help me take care of the kids and cook for my family.

One day, I was late to come home since work at the office had been too much. On arriving home, I opened the door with my key and there was nobody in the living room except my children who were playing with toys while the other two watching television.

“Where is auntie and daddy?” I asked my kids who said that they were both sleeping in my bedroom. I thought my young children did not know what they were saying but immediately, I heard the door of my bedroom click open. At once, both my husband and sister came out and lied to me they were looking for the children’s shoes.

I was surprised at first but I did not want to read much into it and I, therefore, decided to let it pass. They looked as if they were startled and my sister rushed to the kitchen to serve dinner. That night, I did not sleep, I kept wondering if my husband was sleeping with my sister and the thought of that made my stomach to cringe. I, however, decided to keep my eyes open for any suggestive behaviour between the two.

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The next day, I shared my suspicions to a colleague at work who advised that I buy cameras and install them in my house to see if I would catch my husband and sister. I bought cameras but I did not get a chance to install them since my sister was always in the house.

Two days later, after coming home my 10-year-old first-born daughter told me that my husband and sister had slept in the bedroom during the afternoon when she needed food. I was now scared that the two could actually be cheating and I called my colleague again.

I was desperate, how could they do that to me? My colleague advised I call doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 which I did and after talking to him he asked me to visit him the next day.

We met the next morning and he immediately cast some spells after which he told me all was well. I went to work that day and at around 4 pm, my neighbour called me and told me there were screams coming from my house. I hurriedly went home and upon alighting from my car, I found a crowd gathered around my house and they were apparently spectating upon my naked husband and sister who were on top of each other stuck at their genitals while they were having sex.

They saw me and started begging for forgiveness while in pain since they were completely glued and could not separate from each other. I called Doctor Mugwenu and told him the good news and he, moments later unstuck the two.

I forgave my husband and we are now a happy couple. I, however, decided to chase my sister out of my house.

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