Man Offers To Pay His Wife 13M To Divorce Him So As He Can Marry A Teen Lady In Her 20s.

With the recent trend of Sugar Daddies\Mummies, netizens have been rocked in mixed reactions as to whether it is worth getting a sponsor.

Now away from that, the world has been left talking after a Nigerian man offered to pay his wife Ksh 13 million so as she can sign the divorce papers which will allow him marry a lady in her early 20s.

Taking to facebook, the man seeked help in solving the relationship problem saying that he is at a crossroad.

The 38-year-old man stated that he had come to a decision to divorce his wife of six years after falling in love with a younger woman.

The man also went on to reveal that he married his wife out of pity seeing that she stood by him when he was struggling but now has found someone else and fallen in love with.

The young lady also said that she is ready to marry the man only if he divorced his wife.

Check out the screenshot.