Samidoh’s family member refers to Karen Nyamu As a demon!

MamakeBoyz, also known as Bernice Saroni, happens to be the cousin of the renowned Kenyan artist Samidoh. In a courageous move, Bernice has taken on the intricate issue of side relationships within committed partnerships. Her thoughts have ignited lively discussions among female users on various social media platforms.

On September 7, Saroni divided side relationships into two distinct categories to shed light on their contrasting motivations and behaviors. Her candid remarks on TikTok resonated with many individuals who have encountered similar situations throughout their lives.

The first type of side relationship involves a discreet approach. This person prefers to remain a secret, avoiding any acknowledgment by the spouse. They date a married individual and keep their involvement concealed from the spouse’s knowledge.

Bernice Saroni, however, expressed her strongest sentiments towards the second category, which she referred to as “pepo.” She portrayed them as rivals and envious disruptors within the relationship.

“These individuals make their presence known. They may even insult the wife, leaving you to wonder, why are you attacking the wife? The wife didn’t seek you out; you pursued her partner. You are the one jeopardizing the home.”

Saroni’s message was a resounding call for women to recognize and prioritize their own self-worth and self-love. She urged women to steer clear of involvements with married men, emphasizing that such relationships ultimately lead to a lack of inner peace and fulfillment.

“If you’ve chosen to become a side partner, you fall into the second category. This man initially informed you of his marital status, his children, and he never promised to leave his wife for you. So, why can’t you simply maintain your discretion and focus on your own life? If you believe in your own beauty and worth, there’s no reason to date a married man.”

She concluded with a heartfelt appeal to women to cherish themselves, prioritize their well-being, and seek partners who align with their values.

“You won’t be relegated to the role of a secondary spouse; you’ll find a partner of your own. To the second type of side partners, let go of jealousy and competition; ultimately, it will rob you of your peace.”