‘Viwete watatembea Brazil’ Prophet Owuor headed to Brazil for a month-long mission -

‘Viwete watatembea Brazil’ Prophet Owuor headed to Brazil for a month-long mission

The esteemed Prophet David Owuor from the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness is on the brink of embarking on a truly transformative expedition to Brazil, spanning an entire month dedicated to divine intervention and a rekindling of spiritual devotion.

As stated officially by the church, the highly respected Man of God is undertaking this journey to Brazil with an unshakable dedication to further the mission of Revival that he holds dear.

Guided by a profound inner calling, Prophet Owuor is resolutely committed to bringing forth healing, hope, and a divine message that resonates with the masses.

Senior Archbishop Major General (Rtd) George Kyaka has affirmed that the Prophet’s upcoming voyage to Brazil is firmly rooted in a sacred purpose. The anticipation surrounding this endeavor is palpable, as the Prophet prepares to offer solace to the ailing and passionately convey God’s message regarding the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

Drawing from the triumphs of a previous mission in Brazil during May 2023, where astounding miraculous healings transpired, including the awe-inspiring sight of individuals previously crippled walking once more, Prophet Owuor – affectionately known in Brazil as Profeta Da Chuva – is now gearing up for a subsequent phase of Revival in the nation.

Archbishop Kyaka shared, “Following the successful mission in Brazil in May 2023, where numerous individuals with disabilities experienced healing and walked unaided for the first time, Prophet Owuor, who is affectionately referred to as Profeta Da Chuva in Brazil, is now preparing to return this year for a second phase of Revival.”

The anticipation surrounding this occasion is nothing short of electrifying, resonating with the promise of extraordinary healings and a deep spiritual rejuvenation. The people of Brazil stand ready to embrace unparalleled blessings and partake in an exceptional revival that transcends the ordinary, uplifting their spiritual journey to new heights.