TT Comedian: How 7 Years Old grade 2 Kid Makes Ksh. 3 Million Per Month

Terence Mwamadi, widely recognized as TT Comedian, stands out as a celebrated online comic hailing from Kenya. Despite his tender age of six, he has achieved widespread fame not only within Kenya but across the entire African continent. Often drawing comparisons to other youthful humorists like Emmanuella and Auntie Success from Nigeria, who feature prominently in the renowned Mark Angel Comedy series.

Recent statistical data reveals that TT rakes in an impressive KSH. 3 Million monthly from his YouTube endeavors, translating to a monthly salary ranging from KSH. 1 Million to 4.7 Million. Astonishingly, he maintains this income with just three weekly video uploads, each accumulating millions of views.

This young comedic sensation, at the age of six, has already attained millionaire status and holds the position of the firstborn in a two-member family. Currently enrolled in grade 1, TT resides with his parents in Kitengela/Kajiadoo County. His mother, an actress, and his father, a director, have played pivotal roles in shaping TT’s brand and financial success.

Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, TT gained viral prominence, achieving the remarkable feat of being appointed the brand ambassador for Superloaf within just two years of his career. This lucrative deal has contributed significantly to his multimillion-dollar earnings.

In summary, TT Comedian emerges as a prodigious talent whose remarkable success is a fusion of innate skill and dedicated hard work. His narrative serves as a compelling testament to the potential of talent and unwavering determination, inspiring numerous young individuals to relentlessly pursue their aspirations.