Sheryl Gabriela Clarifies That She Hasn’t bought A big House, But is Rather Renting It For Ksh 75,000 Per Month

Kenyan multi-talent, Sheryl Gabriella, recently dispelled rumors surrounding her acquisition of a lavish mansion showcased on her social media platforms. In a candid TikTok live session, Sheryl clarified that she is, in fact, leasing the property for Ksh 75,000 per month, citing her current financial state as not yet conducive for purchasing her own residence.

During the live stream, the accomplished content creator, musician, and actress disclosed that she stumbled upon the house through a real estate agency’s TikTok post. Contrary to widespread assumptions, Sheryl revealed that she merely shared a photo of her new abode, prompting congratulatory messages from her followers. Aware of the ensuing speculation, she decided to play along, anticipating that her audience would encounter the property on TikTok’s “For You Page.”

Describing the residence, Sheryl noted it as a spacious three-bedroom dwelling, supplemented by a servant quarters intended for rental purposes, as specified by the real estate agency. She emphasized that the property is exclusively available for leasing.

Despite the misconception, Sheryl expressed contentment with her living arrangements, affirming her enjoyment of the comfort and amenities afforded by the rented home.