Kisii Man Living in the US, Chased Out of His House by Wife, Says He Is Suffering and Sleeping Inside His Car

A Kisii native, currently residing and working in America, recently took to social media to express his distress following a dispute with his wife, Diana.

In an undated video, the man conveyed his anguish, suggesting that Diana had intentionally caused turmoil for him over unspecified matters.

“I am undergoing immense suffering right now. Diana sought to entangle me in trouble with America, and when a man faces such adversity, it is he who bears the brunt, not the woman,” the man lamented.

He confessed to feeling apprehensive, disclosing that this fear had compelled him to remain in America.

“At this juncture, I made the decision to distance myself temporarily so that issues between Diana and me could be addressed while we are apart. Because her intentions were to entrap me into trouble. I even had to incur expenses on a hotel, which proved to be financially burdensome while I am still fulfilling my rental obligations. I cannot reside in our house due to safety concerns,” he elaborated.

Additionally, he asserted that his wife, Diana, was endeavoring to besmirch his reputation with baseless accusations, which prompted him to maintain his physical distance.

“As staying in a hotel was proving to be exorbitant, I opted to reside in my car to economize,” he painfully revealed.

He concluded by expressing that his decision was driven by the fear of being implicated in his wife’s unfounded allegations.