What you should know about Abel Mutua alias Mkurugenzi!

Abel Mutua, a prominent Kenyan content creator, producer, and screenwriter, is married to Judy Nyawira, and together, they share a daughter named Stephanie Nyawira. His life story serves as a source of inspiration, illustrating a journey from humble beginnings to success.

Abel Mutua’s Early Years
In his early years, Abel Mutua faced the challenge of his father abandoning him and his mother. Struggling to make ends meet, they had to downsize their living situation. Fortunately, Abel’s mother eventually found love again, and Abel, also known as Mkurugenzi, gained a stepfather who played a crucial role in raising him and his six siblings.

Educational Pursuits
Following the completion of his secondary education, Abel Mutua enrolled at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, where he pursued a degree in Film Production with a focus on Camera Works. Graduating in 2005 after rigorous studies, this academic journey laid the foundation for his transformative career.

Career Path of Mkurugenzi
Two years after completing his studies at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Abel secured an internship at Royal Media Services, where he became part of the scriptwriting team for popular shows like “Tahindi High” and “Mother-in-Law.” Subsequently, he moved on from Citizen TV to join Protel Studios for Hapa Kule Production. Later, he co-founded his production company, Phill It Production, in collaboration with his friend Philip Karanja.

Phill It Production was responsible for creating notable projects such as “Real Househelps of Kawangware” and “Sue & Jonnie,” as well as several other movies and TV shows. However, differences with Protel Studios arose when they refused to credit Phill It Production for their contribution to “Real House Helps of Kawangware.” This led to the departure of both Philip Karanja and Abel Mutua, influencing the exit of Njugush as well.

Public Recognition During COVID-19
Abel Mutua gained public recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic when he ventured into storytelling through his YouTube Channel. Through this platform, he shared various seasons of shows like “Diaspora Stories,” “Headline Hitters,” and “Young & Stupid Stories,” enhancing his public portfolio.

Family Life
In his personal life, Abel Mutua is happily married to Judy Nyawira, and the couple is blessed with a daughter named Stephanie Mumbua, affectionately known as Mumbus. Together, they form a close-knit family, contributing to the multifaceted life of this accomplished individual.