”Alikuwa Anakula House Girls” Andrew Kibe’s Wild Past And Why He Was Dumped By His Wife Exposed -

”Alikuwa Anakula House Girls” Andrew Kibe’s Wild Past And Why He Was Dumped By His Wife Exposed

Andrew Kibe and his wife, Bernice, got married in church, but their marriage ended in separation. The reasons behind their separation were recently disclosed by Susan Kamau, who claims to be Kibe’s younger sister.

Susan alleged that Kibe had been exhibiting problematic behavior for some time, which caused offense to their parents. When Kibe introduced Bernice to the family, they rejected her due to concerns about her behavior, which were uncovered during a background check. Kibe’s parents advised him against marrying her, but he disregarded their wishes and went ahead with the wedding without notifying them.

On the day of the wedding, the family became aware of the marriage, which was marked by a lot of commotion and chaos. Some parents were opposed to the union and tried to prevent it from happening. Pastors intervened and facilitated the marriage between the couple, but things took a turn for the worse after they tied the knot.

Bernice allegedly began to express her grievances about Kibe’s conduct, as it was purported that he would either coerce or entice house girls to sleep with him whenever she hired one. This allegedly occurred on multiple occasions until Bernice decided she had had enough. Kibe was unwilling to reform his unethical conduct, and as a result, Bernice opted to terminate their marriage.

According to Susan, since the couple went their separate ways, Bernice has not permitted Kibe to visit their children, as she believes that he is not fit to be their father. However, it should be noted that until Andrew Kibe confirms Susan’s relationship to him, her confession cannot be fully substantiated.