Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man

During the popular Patanisho show on Radio Jambo, Ronny Korir, 29, from Nakuru, reached out seeking reconciliation with his former wife, Mercy Cherotich, 27, from whom he separated in 2017.

Korir shared that Mercy had supported him through university for four years, but their relationship ended unexpectedly.

They met in 2013, and Mercy agreed to support him through his education before starting a family. However, in 2017, while she was studying at Machakos University, their relationship fell apart for reasons Korir still doesn’t understand. Despite trying to move on and find another partner, he couldn’t stop thinking about Mercy.

Korir revealed that they had already undergone a traditional marriage ceremony, although they hadn’t had children yet. He recounted their relationship, explaining how Mercy had been a significant part of his life, meeting each other’s families and planning a future together. He supported her through school, though he couldn’t cover her last semester’s fees.

After their separation, Mercy entered another relationship, which eventually ended. She later reached out to Korir, seeking forgiveness. Korir told her they would need to involve their elders to discuss any reconciliation. However, he never explicitly asked to get back together, feeling deeply hurt by their breakup. He wished to move on if reconciliation wasn’t possible and sought her release.

Their attempt at reconciliation failed when Mercy turned off her phone upon hearing Korir’s name on the radio. In response, Korir expressed his desire for closure, saying, “Wherever she is, she should just let me go, and if I find someone else, I can move on with my life. Mercy Cherotich, I had no ill intentions towards you. I ask for forgiveness. Please release me and free my heart. Just let me go, and I’ll let you go so that we can both have better lives.”