Mimi ni Mluhya ninamiliki ‘kisiagi’ hautalala njaa: Busia man Proposes Marriage to Nyako, the TikToker

A gentleman hailing from the Western region of Kenya has taken his romantic aspirations to the digital stage, utilizing the popular platform TikTok to convey his affections towards TikToker Nyako Pilot residing in Germany. Ainea Nabwera, the protagonist of this modern-day love story, ingeniously crafted a series of video snippets mimicking a banner, all in a bid to capture Nyako’s attention.

In his earnest endeavor to express his love for Nyako, Nabwera reassured her with a heartfelt promise – that if she were to reciprocate his affection, she would never experience hunger as long as they are together. Holding up his makeshift banner, Nabwera conveyed his sentiment, emphasizing his ownership of a local corn milling machine, colloquially referred to as a “posho-mill,” which would ensure a constant supply of flour for her, round the clock, seven days a week.

“Nyako, I wish to make you my partner in life. As a proud Luhya, I extend my assurance that with my posho-mill, your hunger will forever be a thing of the past,” proclaimed a segment of his heartfelt message displayed on the banner.

Yet, despite Nabwera’s bold declaration of love, Nyako’s response remained elusive at the time of reporting. However, the TikTok community didn’t shy away from sharing their thoughts:

“If Nyako decides to respond, kindly keep us informed so I can weigh in 😂😂 Regardless, best of luck, mate,” chuckled Nzish Mkisa.

“Let Nyako lay eyes on this; upon her return, your patience might just be rewarded with a response, buddy,” encouraged Mama Leon2019.

“You’re treading a fine line, my friend, and the price seems rather modest,” cautioned Prossy, casting a note of skepticism on Nabwera’s romantic pursuit.