Inside President Ruto poultry farm guarded by GSU officers making Him KSh 1.5m Daily

Inside President Ruto’s poultry farm, guarded by GSU officers, it is reported that he is making KSh 1.5m daily. This farm has sparked controversy and raised questions about the potential conflicts of interest for the President.

The President’s poultry farm, which is located in his hometown of Eldoret, is a large operation that consists of thousands of chickens. It is guarded by GSU officers, which has led to criticism that the President is using state resources for his own personal gain.

Critics argue that the President should not be allowed to profit from a business while in office, as it could create a conflict of interest and undermine the integrity of the presidency. They claim that the President should divest from his business interests and focus solely on serving the people of Kenya.

On the other hand, supporters of the President argue that he has the right to operate a business and that it is not uncommon for politicians to have business interests. They also argue that the President has made significant investments in the poultry farm and has created jobs for members of the local community.

Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, it is clear that the President’s poultry farm has sparked a heated debate and raised concerns about the potential for conflicts of interest. It is important for the President and other politicians to be transparent about their business interests and to ensure that they are not using their positions of power for personal gain.