“Naomba unipee twins” – Arrow Bwoy begs Nadia Mukami to give him twins

Arrow Bwoy, a renowned singer, recently expressed his and his partner Nadia Mukami’s desire to expand their family by having more children.

The talented artist shared a heartwarming snapshot on his Instagram page, capturing a delightful outdoor moment with his son Kai. In the caption, Arrow Bwoy expressed his wish to have twins as their next additions to the family. He playfully urged his fans to tag the lucky person who would be blessed with carrying the pregnancy. He wrote, “I pray that our next pregnancy be blessed with twins in God’s name… Amen.”

Seated on well-manicured green grass, Kai sported an adorable white outfit while engaging in playtime with their white dog. Arrow Bwoy playfully mentioned that “@haseebkai needs more siblings; he feels lonely. Let the carrier receive this message ⚽️.”

Not long ago, Nadia Mukami had stirred speculation among her fans by falsely claiming that she and Arrow Bwoy had ended their relationship. It was later revealed that this was a marketing tactic to promote her new business venture. Nadia clarified, “To those trying to book Arrow Bwoy and me, we haven’t been together for a while.”

The singer added, “I’ve exhausted my lies; we broke up some time ago. Kindly contact our respective managements for bookings.”

In response to Arrow Bwoy’s announcement, their fans flooded the comments section with various reactions. One fan humorously commented, “I hope the lucky carrier received the message. It’s hilarious!” Another fan playfully suggested, “Go ahead and marry Nadia 😂.”

Meanwhile, others eagerly awaited Nadia’s response, with comments like “Where’s Nadia? Let’s blast the vuvuzela until she shows up!” and “What is the carrier saying? 😂.”

Reflecting on previous interactions, a fan had once asked Nadia about her desired number of children. In response, she expressed her intention to have two more kids. Furthermore, when questioned about her wedding plans, Nadia disclosed that she was currently not making any arrangements, as she preferred to wait until her baby boy grew a bit older.