Vihiga Man In Tears After Ngina Kenyatta Gives Birth.

Beverton Mukalo is a sad man after receiving news that President Kenyatta’s daughter, Ngina has finally given birth.

Mukalo said that the news has suffered him a major blow seeing that he was expecting to Mary Ngina after sending her a love letter early this year.

In an interview with a local daily, the Vihiga County resident said that he was shocked by the news of his crush being paged by another man.

My heart skipped a heartbeat, I can’t believe it! When there were rumors that she had gotten engaged I didn’t believe it.

I believe am still in the race. British billionaire Richard Branson married his current wife when he was engaged to somebody else.

I will keep shooting my shot. I am bringing much more to the table, intelligence, ambition, a self-made man, am a billionaire in waiting. My love for her is still strong,

he said.

With that, President Kenyatta is now officially a grandfather to three kids.