‘MGANGA’ Shares Story of Using Bees to Catch Kitengela alleged Thieves

A few days following the distressing loss of two hundred thousand shillings and after duly reporting the incident to the local authorities, a woman by the name of Salome embarked on an unconventional path in search of resolution by engaging the services of a renowned traditional healer.

Salome, with a heavy heart, recounted her ordeal to Nyuki Waswa, a distinguished healer known for his unique abilities, via a phone call. Even though Nyuki Waswa was situated in Bungoma at that time, he empathized with Salome’s plight and agreed to journey to Kitengela on October 3, 2023, to delve into the perplexing case.

Upon absorbing Salome’s narrative, Nyuki Waswa employed his distinctive methodology, which involved a most unusual ally: a swarm of bees. With an air of astonishment settling upon the residents of Kitengela, the bees were set on a mission to ferret out the culprits responsible for Salome’s financial misfortune. Remarkably, the insects successfully tracked down the two women who had purportedly absconded with the ill-gotten proceeds, catching them reveling in their newfound wealth within the town.

In a startling twist of fate, Nyuki Waswa wielded control over the bees, and they subjugated the thieving duo. One of the women found herself surrounded by the bees, while the other had her hand occupied by the irate insects. Nyuki Waswa, presenting himself as the custodian of these bees, assured everyone present that these insects meant harm only to the wrongdoers and would persist in their pursuit until he gave the command for their release.

Aisha Salome, the individual who had been victimized on a bus bound for Kitengela, where the money was pilfered by the two criminals, expressed profound gratitude for the unconventional yet highly effective intervention of the traditional healer.

“I have exhausted all other avenues and resorted to prayer. I have encountered numerous failed attempts in similar cases because many suspects flee great distances, sometimes even out of the country, to avail themselves of sorcery services, rendering themselves untraceable after committing theft,” she shared, reflecting on her unique experience.

This extraordinary occurrence has left the residents of Kitengela in sheer awe, bearing witness to the unorthodox yet undeniably successful approach harnessed by Nyuki Waswa.