How I Was Forced To Sleep In A Casket For 3 Days Inorder To Become Rich- Kitale man

Julius, a resident of Kitale, shared a harrowing experience of being coerced into a bizarre ritual in pursuit of wealth orchestrated by an alleged agent of the Freemasons.

Following the completion of his secondary education, Julius relocated to Nairobi in search of employment. He secured a well-paying job, allowing him to accumulate a substantial amount of money that he subsequently invested in various ventures.

Building on his financial stability, Julius ventured into the business world by acquiring several smokies trolleys and hiring young individuals to manage them. Additionally, he established a restaurant in Ngong, funded in part by a loan obtained from a microfinance institution where he had been diligently saving his earnings.

Despite initial success, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced the closure of restaurants, leading Julius to deplete his savings to service his loan and cover his living expenses. Facing financial distress, he found himself at a crossroads.

Desperation led Julius to encounter an intriguing Instagram advertisement promising entry into the Freemasons without resorting to a blood sacrifice, ensuring wealth within 10 days. Intrigued, he promptly reached out to the advertiser and followed the provided instructions. The final directive, however, required him to submit a full-body naked photo, a request he reluctantly fulfilled in his urgent pursuit of financial relief.

Subsequently, he was informed that sending $260 would facilitate the purchase of a casket, which would be delivered to his home. The bizarre instruction dictated that he sleep inside the casket for three days, promising wealth upon completion of the 10-day ritual.

Unable to afford the requested amount, Julius faced threats from the alleged Freemason agents, who vowed to expose his compromising photos on all social media platforms. Fearing the consequences, he borrowed the money from a friend and transferred it to the individuals.

A week later, Julius realized that he had fallen victim to a scam, as the purported Freemason agents disappeared without a trace. Despite the financial setback, he expresses gratitude for the revelation, acknowledging that the outcome could have been far more severe, potentially jeopardizing the safety of his loved ones or even his own well-being.