Why Mzee Kihenjo is the undisputed 'King of Kikuyu Comedy'
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Why Mzee Kihenjo is the undisputed ‘King of Kikuyu Comedy’

As many will concur, Kihenjo has accomplished much more in the Kikuyu comedy scene than just remaining relevant. Infact, as we talk Mzee Kihenjo is the undisputed ‘king of Kikuyu Comedy’.

If by any chance think this is an exaggeration or hyperbole, you might need to think about the following.

  1. Mzee Kihenjo revolutionized kikuyu comedy. It’s anything but an uncertainty that when Kihenjo initially joined Kikuyu comedy scene 15 years ago, the solitary notable comedians then,were the Githingithia-Njaramba duo whose brand of comedy was more of Abunuwasi tales.

However, Kihenjo came with his own brand of satire that had not been seen before by the Gikuyu people. This brand of comedy is still relevant today and other new comedians who have come after Kihenjo have been building around it.

  1. The presence of a several ‘copy cats’. You will concur that larger part of the post-Kihenjo Kikuyu entertainers are just duplicate felines. Reason? They simply copy Kihenjo’s style nothing more. That is the reason many call themselves ‘Mzee Xyz’ and even attempt even to talk, sound and dress like the ‘king’ himself.
  2. Kihenjo’s brand of comedy has withstood the trial of time. It is normal said that good gold is the one that has been refined through extremely hot fire. However, Kihenjo’s parody brand has unquestionably end up being a ‘refined gold’ having withstood the test of time and quick changing patterns in the comedy business.
  3. Kihenjo is the only Kikuyu comedian with several entertaining series under his name. In pretty much every normal Kikuyu family, you will not miss a comedy DVD under Kihenjo’s name.Infact, no other Kikuyu comedian worth his sort has had such a privilege ever.