Handsome Boy: Vera Sidika ni mama yangu “Ameniacha Natesekea kwa slums”

Handsome Boy, a comedian from Kibera who once appeared on the Churchill show and used to be best friends with Stivo Simple Boy, has recently claimed that he is the son of self-proclaimed socialite, Vera Sidika. In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Handsome Boy stated that he feels a strong connection to Vera Sidika and is certain that she is his mother. He is willing to take a DNA test to prove his claim.

Handsome Boy, who currently lives in the slums of Kibera, stated that he has always felt that he is from Vera Sidika’s lineage and that their blood is from the same ancestry. He also revealed that he is married and is a family man, but is struggling with life due to his living conditions in the slums. He claims that Vera Sidika has abandoned him and has never shown any concern for his well-being. He begged for her to come to his rescue and change his life for the better.

In regards to his relationship with Stivo Simple Boy, Handsome Boy stated that they no longer talk and Stivo has never shown any interest in helping him. Overall, Handsome Boy is ready to prove his claim of being Vera Sidika’s son through a DNA test and is hoping for a better future for himself and his family.