Bena wa Malines : From a Makanga to Fame and Landing into Money Deals

Bena wa Malines is a rising content creator who has gained fame through TikTok. His comedic videos have gone viral and he has become a well-known brand in Kenya, currently boasting over 400,000 followers on TikTok and growing numbers on other platforms.

Bena wa Malines, also known as Bernard Kamulu, is the third born in a family of seven. He comes from a humble background and attended Muhoho High School in Gatundu before enrolling in Mount Kenya University to study journalism, where he is currently a fourth-year student.

His journey to fame was not easy, as he had given up several times before reaching the limelight. Bena has always been a naturally funny person and decided to turn his talent into a productive pursuit.

To make ends meet as a student, Bena worked as a matatu conductor, where he gained his certification. He used the money to pay for bills and even some of his tuition, despite having sponsors.

Bena’s big break came when one of his videos went viral, shot on his friend’s phone as he did not have one himself. The funny video led to people mimicking his voice and the “Pulahia Maisha” slogan became his breakthrough.

He left his job as a conductor and focused on content creation, using his brand name, Bena wa Malines. He now makes a living through content creation, with brands approaching him for advertising work and making money through TikTok live streams and gifts from fans. While he hasn’t secured a big deal yet, with his growing numbers, it is only a matter of time. All the best to Bena in his continued success.