“Fanya DNA test, and I’ll pay you Ksh.134K,” Andrew Kibe challenges Thee Pluto.

Kibe, a former host at Kiss and NRG Radio, seems to have little interest in Kenyan celebrities. The media personality has recently demanded a DNA test from YouTuber Thee Pluto. Kibe is convinced that the child is not his, and he has offered Thee Pluto $1000 to prove it.

Thee Pluto is currently in a relationship with Felicity Shiru, with whom he has a daughter. The pregnancy came after a series of confrontations and a subsequent breakup before the two reconciled.

Kibe has challenged Thee Pluto to agree to a DNA test via his podcast broadcast. The cost of the test ranges between 50 and 100 thousand Kenya shillings, depending on the hospital.

“I’ll give Thee Pluto $1000 if he agrees to conduct a DNA test on his daughter with Felicity Shiru,” Kibe stated.

Thee Pluto had previously disclosed that he is battling depression. He announced his mental health struggles on his Instagram account, causing concern among his followers.