IS Akothee Illuminati? Family Links Her To the Cult
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IS Akothee Illuminati? Family Links Her To the Cult

Kenyan female superstar Akothee whose real name is Esther Akoth Kokeyo has taken to social complaining about the treatment and frustrations from her relatives. The Give it to me hitmaker said that her relatives are presently connecting her to being an member of the Illuminati cult,this is following the passing of her sister-in-law who passed in uganda.

Akothee however said that whatever her family members were saying was nothing but a total cover up for malice. In a hard-hitting post via her social media account on Instagram, Akothee,She expressed herself saying that she just grew up with her family members, they saw her journey but today no one appreciates her. She wondered whether it was poverty that was causing all that pain to them.

IS Akothee  Illuminati? Family Links Her To the Cult

As it is known, Akothee is an exceptionally rich . She claims a lot of property and she thought perhaps this is the thing that is carrying torment to them to a degree of connecting her to Illuminati. She expressed her dissatisfactions saying that same relatives who are denouncing her are the same who come to her to look for help. She said nobody should take the demise of her sister-in-law as jokers matter since her life journey is over journey.Death is something which its destiny isn’t known. Today it very well may be in your home and tomorrow it goes somewhere else.

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