Kisii Pastor Catches His Wife in bed With a Church Member: “Hiyo Machine Iko Sawa Ata Kuliko Ya Bwana Yangu, Ingiza Yote,” His Wife Said.

Drama ensued in a certain hotel in Kisii after the wife of a popular pastor was caught cheating after getting stuck to her mpango wa Kando moments after the two started having sex…. CONTINUE READING

The wife had been cheating to her hubby for quite some time and the pastor had warned her against sleeping with men around but his wife denied the allegations. 

Though the pastor was convinced that his wife was cheating on him, he did not have any evidence to prove his accusations and this often made him embarrassed to seek help.

His wife had stopped having sex with him for three months and other than that, she had become very insolent to her husband. Each time he tried to ask her if there was a problem, she would say she was too busy to have sex