Shock! Georgina Njenga Confirms Breakup With Tyler Mbaya

Georgina Njenga, a prominent digital content creator, recently confirmed that she and Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha from the TV show Machachari, are no longer in a romantic relationship.

Georgina addressed the speculations surrounding their breakup during an Instagram question and answer session with her fans. One of her followers inquired about their relationship status, pointing out that they had recently shared a photo together.

In response, Georgina openly admitted that they have indeed broken up and are no longer romantically involved. She mentioned that she has been frequently asked about their relationship, and this would be the last time she addresses the issue.

Furthermore, Georgina shared that she is currently in a new relationship. She expressed her contentment, stating that she is in a great place emotionally and experiencing a profound level of love that she never knew existed.

The rumors about their troubled relationship initially surfaced when they both unfollowed each other on Instagram. This occurred shortly after Baha faced public scrutiny for borrowing money from people and using it for betting.

According to the exposé, Baha had borrowed money from individuals by falsely claiming that he and Georgina were facing financial difficulties and needed assistance in caring for their young daughter, Astra Nyambura.

One of the lenders, however, reached out to Georgina to verify their financial situation. To her surprise, she discovered that her boyfriend was using their child as an excuse to deceive people for his own gain.

Georgina revealed that she was solely responsible for covering all the expenses, while her partner was misusing the borrowed money for gambling purposes.

Earlier this year, the couple made headlines when explicit photos of Georgina were leaked. In an interview, Tyler Mbaya stated that the incident did not affect their love and pledged to support his girlfriend unconditionally.