Georgina Njenga insists She is Not Ready to Date Until God Tells Her To do so

Kenyan digital creator and social media influencer Georgina Njenga has recently shared that she is not ready to enter into a new relationship.

During a question and answer session with her fans on social media, a fan expressed interest in dating her. Georgina responded, saying she is not looking to date at the moment. She humorously added, “I’m not dating again until God Himself comes and sits on my bed and says, ‘One of my homeboys wanna talk to you!'”

Georgina, a mother of one, has previously urged her followers not to obsess over her personal relationships, explicitly stating that she is currently single. She clarified that not everyone she appears with on social media has a romantic interest. At 22, she is not actively seeking a relationship.

Earlier this year, when asked by fans to choose between dating a broke man or a rich man, Georgina mentioned that she wouldn’t mind dating a broke man as long as he is hardworking. She finds hard work to be a significant turn-on.

Georgina broke up with her baby daddy, Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baba, last year. Reflecting on their relationship, she explained that their breakup was not due to a single issue but rather a series of problems that accumulated over time. She emphasized that the decision to part ways was mutual.

Looking ahead, Georgina stated that she will keep her next relationship private and prefers a partner who is not active on social media.