Dem Wa Facebook: Natamani Andrew Kibe, I’m Good in Bed na mimi ni Wife Material.

The emerging and vibrant comedian, Dem wa Facebook, remains undeterred in her quest for the perfect companion. Shifting her focus after an unsuccessful attempt to capture the heart of Khaligraph Jones, she has now openly declared her admiration for Andrew Kibe, a social media critic currently residing in the United States of America.

Previously making waves with her public declaration of affection for Khaligraph Jones, where she even expressed willingness to bear his child, Dem wa Facebook has taken a different turn in an interview with Nicholas Kioko. In this latest revelation, it appears that she is gracefully stepping away from her pursuit of Khaligraph Jones and redirecting her attention towards Andrew Kibe.

Dem wa Facebook acknowledged her awareness of Kibe’s single status, citing information from Diana Marua. Marua’s comments suggested that Kibe had experienced heartbreak and is currently unattached. Expressing her admiration for Kibe, Dem wa Facebook highlighted her qualities as a potential ideal wife, emphasizing her prowess in intimacy and her eagerness to fulfill his desires. She humorously acknowledged the only lacking attribute – a ‘big nyash’ – but expressed optimism that it is still in the process of growing.

Concluding her message, the comedian earnestly appealed to Kibe, urging him to consider her as a life partner. She emphasized her readiness to settle down with him, highlighting the prospect of enjoying his wealth. Dem wa Facebook’s latest move reflects a shift in her romantic pursuit, showcasing her resilient and lighthearted approach to finding love.