woman who rejected marriage proposals in her 20s still single in her 30s

Woman who rejected marriage proposals when in her 20s still single in her late 30s

A Kenyan lady by the name Nduta Miriam has narrated how she rejected different propositions to be married through her 20s and now in her 30s, she is still single and waiting on God for “Mr Right”.

Miriam had great chances to get married to different men who proposed to her however it was not the ideal time for her to settle down.

During her interview on Metha ya Kagoni Youtube Channel, the lady talks on how she had an exquisite relationship with her sweetheart who was also her first love.

She said the 3-year relationship was a serious one despite the fact that it was on and off at a certain point,the boyfriend told her that he was ready to marry her.

“However, at the time he was insisting on marrying me, I had just gotten a new job as an assistant manager and I was just not ready,” she said.

Miriam kept on asking her boyfriend to give her some time but he couldn’t because he wanted to settle down one and for all. He later got himself another woman who was ready and this marked the end of their relationship.

She got several engagement propositions through her 20s

She continued to get several other committed relationships all through her 20s yet was as yet not ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage.

Miriam, who is currently more than 30 years, and still single says though she dismissed propositions to be engaged during her primes, she isn’t lamenting.

“The reason for why I am still single is that when those serious people were in my life, I was just not ready,” she said.

She, however, admits that getting “Mr right” hasn’t been easy because she is not ready to just get married to anyone.

“This is a lifetime thing and I do not want to do it with just anyone. I realized as I grow older and exposed, I am more clear on what I want (in a man),” she said.