Family of Edwin Chiloba Says He Was a Christian, not Gay

The family of Edwin Chiloba, a fashion designer based in Eldoret who was killed, has denied that Chiloba was a member of the LGBTQ community. Caudentia Tanui, a spokesperson for the family, stated that Chiloba was raised as a Christian, was a member of the Christian Union in school, and was even nicknamed “Pastor.” Tanui said,

“These other things we are seeing on social media we don’t know. He was brought up as a Christian. At St. Francis Kimuron he was called ‘pastor’ and he was a student leader in charge of YCS so these other things we are hearing we do not know we are just seeing it online.”

The family has asked for privacy and respect as they continue to seek justice for Chiloba’s murder. Chiloba’s body was found in a metallic box in Kipkenyo, Eldoret on January 4, 2023. Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder, which is still being investigated.