Dem wa Facebook: Peter Salasya is My Type, Akiniomba Mechi Nampea hapo hapo.

The fascination of Dem wa Facebook seems to be constantly shifting, as she openly expresses her affections towards various personalities on the Kenyan social scene. Initially directing her admiration towards figures like Khaligraph Jones, Andrew Kibe, Rapudo, and Chesang, her current object of affection is Mumias East MP, Peter Salasya.

During an online media interview, the humorous and controversial comedian shared her firsthand encounter with Salasya, describing him as an undeniably attractive man. She expressed that he possesses the qualities she has been seeking in a partner, asserting that he is her ideal match, lacking only a wife. Dem wa Facebook boldly declared her readiness to step into the role of Peter Salasya’s wife.

According to Dem wa Facebook, she is prepared to take their connection to a more intimate level, even expressing a desire to have a child with the Member of Parliament. Convinced of Salasya’s responsibility, she envisions a strong and harmonious relationship between them if they choose to tie the knot.

Highlighting her purity and stating that she has not engaged in any intimate relationships thus far, Dem wa Facebook proposed that Salasya could have the privilege of being the one to share that significant moment with her. She emphasized her commitment to taking care of him, presenting herself as a devoted and loving partner.

Publicly announcing her intentions, Dem wa Facebook expressed her willingness to confess her feelings to Salasya and encouraged the Member of Parliament to consider allowing her into his life. She envisions a future where they can build a family together, and she is eager for him to give her a chance.