Murang'a reformed bank robber John Kiriamiti Speaks."Mui Huwa Mwema"

John Kiriamiti: Muranga reformed bank robber Speaks.”Mui Huwa Mwema”

“Jack zollo” or John Baptista Kiriamiti. The one who has spent more life in prison than in free world talks about his life, from bank robberies,car hijacking to life at Kamiti Maximum prison and today a celebrated author,full of wisdom and now a family man.

John kiriamiti with monicah kagoni of “Metha ya Kagoni Show”

The years around mid and late 70s saw a revolution which saw countless bank robberies and vehicle hijacking. John kiriamiti addressing Metha ya Kagoni a show that airs in Mt. Kenya TV and YouTube. Opened up how armed robbery and life in prison can make ones life miserable.

He talksof his gang as a union with best brains smart if you may, time concious as well as respect towards humankind. They never robbed civilians nor hurt any.

He spent a close to 35 years in jail,with more time spend in the highly guarded Kamiti Maximum Prison. This is where his journey In writing began. Passion in reading developed and it wasnt to stop soon. To date Kiriamiti is a well reknown writer with over five novels which are top selling.

He discusses change, a subject very much depicted by his life.some of his top rated novels include, my life in crime, my life with a criminal, son of fate among others.

Today John kiriamiti is a family man and a proud dad to three girls. He says in the midst of laughter that he’s glad he has no son as he may never wish to have someone like him in his past years.