Mulamwah: I pay 70k rent per Month for the new Apartment that I moved in

Renowned comedian, content creator, and radio presenter David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, recently shared insights into his lifestyle transformation and the reasons behind it.

In the earlier years of his career, Mulamwah led a modest life despite his celebrity status. Despite earning a six-figure monthly salary, he chose to reside in a Ksh.9000 bedsitter in a Nairobi ghetto. This decision led to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Carroll Sonnie, ending their relationship, citing Mulamwah’s perceived frugality as a reason.

Undeterred by this setback, Mulamwah later found companionship with Ruth K and continued to live in the same bedsitter. However, after starting a family together, they opted to upgrade their living situation and moved into a spacious 3-bedroom apartment located in the serene suburbs of Nairobi.

Mulamwah revealed that the monthly rent for their new apartment is Ksh.70,000. Despite the seemingly steep cost, Mulamwah remains unfazed, as he pays both rent and electricity annually. Having already settled Ksh.1.4 million for the entire year, Mulamwah expressed that this financial commitment doesn’t bother him.

Looking ahead, Mulamwah emphasized that their stay in the current apartment is temporary. He explained that construction on his village mansion is underway, and once completed, they plan to relocate to their new home in the village.