Obama present To'Pregnant' Gay Male Rapper Lil Nas As A Gift For His Baby Bump Really Amazes -
Obama present To'Pregnant' Gay Male Rapper Lil Nas As A Gift For His Baby Bump Really Amazes
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Obama present To’Pregnant’ Gay Male Rapper Lil Nas As A Gift For His Baby Bump Really Amazes

Being a gay is A taboo in the Bible. In short, any sexual relationship that isn’t of opposite sexes in human is not allowed. In any case, what happens in the European countries will stun you! Lil Nas,the well known rapper is one of them who publicly announced himself and the former leader of USA Barack Obama gave him as a gift

In June of this current year, the rapper came out as a gay in a public setting. His clarification was that he felt “The pressure was signaling him to do so.” He had been hiding his sexual orientation and was unsure whether his fans would support him or not. Since then, the rapper has come out publicly and declared himself to be “gay.”

Montero Lamar Hill, better known by his stage name Lil Nas X, was born in April 9, 1999. After the release of his country rap track “Old Town Road,” he acquired acquired a wide spread attention. He currently enjoys a publicity of more than 9 million according to his website.

Over half a month, the gay rapper from America has announced his pregnancy, which has earned a lot of attention and become viral on social media. It is truly hard to hear that a male is capable for bearing a child.

Because of Drake’s declaration of his new collection “certified lover Boy,” which will be released on September third, Montero Lamar Hills, better known by his stage name Lil Nas X, has promised to tease the rapper.

Lil Nas X posted some pre-birth photographs of himself to confirm that he is, indeed, expecting a child. He was wearing a long outfit that flaunted his developing child bump. He additionally wore a blossom crown on his head for the event. “I can’t believe I am announcing this, but my little bundle of joy is due to arrive this month of September,” he wrote in the caption.

The entirety of this happened a couple of days ago. Following his social media declaration of his ‘pregnancy,’ the rapper has additionally taken to online media to offer his thanks to former President of the United States, Barrack Obama, after getting a present from him that included a child shower.

He shared his bliss to the internet through online media. HE COMPOSED;”OMG I am trying not to weep! Thank you so much for the early baby shower gift!”

Following the publication of this message, the rapper received a large number of trolls on his Facebook page. He responded as follows: “There are so many ways in which I have changed, including the way I handle numerous situations, the way I manage my sadness and anger, and simply recognizing that I am not required to react in specific ways when I am experiencing emotions. I have no control over how I feel, but I do have control over how I react. I have learned to ignore the criticisms of others and move on with my life.” He made this statement after he became the target of trolls.