Zuchu explains why she can’t leave Diamond despite ‘cheating’ on her with Fantana. -

Zuchu explains why she can’t leave Diamond despite ‘cheating’ on her with Fantana.

Singer Zuhura Othman, popularly known as Zuchu, has recently addressed the topic of her relationship with Diamond Platnumz and why she wouldn’t leave him even if he were to betray her romantically.

Zuchu spoke out after a video of Diamond kissing Ghanaian singer Francine Koffie, also known as Fantana, went viral on social media. In the video, Diamond openly admitted that he had never experienced a kiss like the one he shared with Fantana.

Zuchu, the talented artist behind the hit song “Kwi Kwi,” explained that being sexually betrayed wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for her. However, her concern lies in Diamond bringing another woman into their home.

“The act of cheating depends on the circumstances. If you cheat in front of my eyes, I won’t forgive you, that can’t happen. But if you cheat secretly, outside our home while we’re together, well, you can stay with your ‘baby,’ and we’ll meet at home,” Zuchu expressed in a video that quickly spread across various social media platforms.

There were rumors in 2021 that Diamond and Zuchu were dating. However, in February of this year, Diamond clarified on social media that their relationship had ended and referred to it as a brotherly/sisterly bond.

Recently, Diamond has been linked romantically to Fantana, which seemed to upset Zuchu. In another video, Zuchu mentioned that Diamond gives her what she needs and playfully commented that he admires her for her breasts, suggesting his attraction to her.

“Simba [Diamond] agrees with everything I say. He says ‘yes’ to everything I tell him. His heart races at the mention of my name. He’s not following my behind, he’s fascinated by my chest,” Zuchu playfully sang.

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