“My Husband Slept with my Cousin and Infected Me with HIV/AIDS when Pregnant”,Lady cries out

An emotional upheaval shattered Rahab Kihara’s world when she discovered that her trusted cousin, who had been assisting her in raising her children, had engaged in an affair with her husband. Rahab, a mother of two at the time, had reached out to her cousin for help after giving birth to her second child, unaware of the ulterior motives lurking beneath her cousin’s seemingly benevolent intentions.

The betrayal unfolded one ordinary day when Rahab received a call from her cousin, announcing an impending visit to the family. Little did she know that this visit would unravel a web of deceit that would leave her heartbroken and shattered. As Rahab prepared tea for her guests, she stumbled upon a disconcerting sight – her husband’s phone buzzing with messages exchanged with her cousin.

Driven by a mix of disbelief and despair, Rahab couldn’t resist the urge to delve into the messages, only to confront the harsh reality of her husband’s infidelity. Overwhelmed by the betrayal, Rahab swiftly gathered her belongings and sought solace at her grandmother’s abode, seeking refuge from the turmoil engulfing her life.

Amidst the chaos of betrayal, Rahab found herself facing yet another daunting challenge. Expecting her third child and brimming with anticipation for the blessings ahead, Rahab’s joy was abruptly overshadowed by an unforeseen revelation during a routine clinic visit. A simple question from the doctor turned Rahab’s world upside down, as she was confronted with the shocking news of her infection.

The burden of the unexpected diagnosis weighed heavily on Rahab, compounded by her advanced stage of pregnancy. Struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil, Rahab found herself grappling with accusations from her estranged lover, who questioned the origin of her illness, absolving himself of any responsibility.

In the wake of betrayal and adversity, Rahab’s journey is marked by resilience in the face of despair, as she navigates the complexities of love, trust, and shattered dreams.