Trevor Ombija ' Ladies Flooded my Inbox after Six Pack Photo Trended', Some Sent Nudes
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Trevor Ombija ‘ Ladies Flooded my Inbox after Six Pack Photo Trended’, Some Sent Nudes

Famous Citizen TV Prime Time anchor Trevor Ombija has revealed that his social media inboxes have been full since a photograph showing his abs went viral.

He said he didn’t expect the sort of responses from the photograph which CNN, Kenyan Journalist Larry Madowo took when they were out having a good time in Lamu.

“I was just pulling the dhow and Larry took the photo. I did not expect it to go viral and just posted it among other photos of us having fun time,” said Ombija.

He confirmed that he spends somewhere in the range of three and four days in the gym working out as an interest and that his body stature was not something he thought would create a major conversation online, with women explicitly going to the degree of asking his hand in marriage.


“I workout between three and four days every week. I am one GB (small bodied) and therefore it is easy attaining a six pack,” said Ombija.

He went on to affirm that the photograph saw numerous ladies getting into his inbox with compliments with some asking that he becomes their man.

“My DM is intense after the Lamu photo. I do fitness as a hobby. People sent messages asking to be my girlfriend or take me out for dinner but I just take it as appreciation. It came out to me that these were people who were only appreciating what they see because nowadays people are bold and speak their mind unlike in past days. I took the compliments and responded to as much as I could but did not take it beyond that,” Ombija said during an interview on the sides of Alfred Mutua’s birthday party at Ole Sereni.

The anchor was anyway puzzled that a portion of the fans went to the limit of sending him nude photos.

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“It’s extreme, people sent nudes. I received them but never responded to that because it is so much out of the way. That should not be encouraged,” Ombija said.