Twitter erupts after Gladys took to her handle decrying how men cannot approach her.

In her own words: “Am not getting any younger. I think, I need to get married, but I don’t know why guys are scared to talk to me.” Gladys ranted.

This is a case of thousands if not millions of girls’ predicaments in our societies today. Eight out of ten girls are giving birth to babies before they got married in our societies due to lack of serious men to marry them. Or themselves making wrong decisions on who to marry.

We can’t dispute the fact that there are definitely a few lucky ones who sat at their comfort zones and had their heartthrob meeting them right there like a miracle trick. However, this is a situation or a case that occurs once in a blue moon.

There are also those types who cannot get a partner due to their bad manners or simply call it bad character.

For that reason, girls who still have no clue on what men like of them have remained single for quite a long time. Slaying around like queens will never give a woman a serious boy to marry her. No man wants a woman who cannot take care of his home in his absence.

So therefore, according to twitter reactions, how do our girls carry themselves within and outside their environs? If a girl is acting like an heavenly made angel, then it is another impediment for marriage.

To be frank, nowadays it takes our girls to be more responsible and pious than their boy’s counterpart to be seen worthy of wife material. There is this popular saying that; “beauty has sent many girls into marriage, but character is busy sending them out of the marriage.” Meanwhile, with the kind of feeble-minded ladies of today and their promiscuous male contemporaries, beauty can only send a lady to bed and only God’s intervention can send her to matrimony. In essence, this generation really needs the Grace of God to get into a matrimonial home and settle. Smiling Black Woman Stock Photos, Images and Backgrounds for Free Download

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