Ango Musungu A Strong Luhya Man Who Pulls A Car With His own Head Hair.

Ango Musungu hails from Shianda, a small village nestled in the heart of Mumias, Kakamega County. He possesses a truly remarkable trait that sets him apart from the rest of the world – his hair. Musungu’s hair defies convention, exhibiting an unparalleled strength that allows him to accomplish feats that most would deem impossible.

Following the widespread circulation of his story on the internet, Afrimax English sought an exclusive interview with him to shed light on his extraordinary abilities. Musungu’s prowess has drawn comparisons to the biblical figure Samson, whose legendary strength was said to reside in his hair.

In the conversation with Afrimax, Musungu revealed that he first discovered his unique talent through vivid dreams. Encouraged by these visions, he began experimenting with his hair’s strength, initially skeptical of its capabilities.

Despite facing skepticism from others, Musungu demonstrated the power of his hair one day by single-handedly pulling a car, devoid of a driver and with its engine turned off, for several meters. This astounding display left bystanders in awe and solidified his reputation.

Musungu attributes his remarkable ability not to any magic, but rather to a divine gift bestowed upon him by a higher power. In a live demonstration captured on camera, he further showcased his strength by effortlessly towing a pickup truck, fully loaded with passengers, using only his hair.

In addition to his extraordinary physical prowess, Musungu opened up about his personal life, revealing that his boundless energy led him to take five wives. He emphasized that his spouses manage him well, and despite the unconventional arrangement, he ensures their satisfaction while maintaining his flexibility.

However, amidst his incredible talents, Musungu faces financial struggles. He appeals to the government and potential supporters to recognize and invest in his unique gift, especially during these challenging times. With the right support, Musungu believes he can turn his extraordinary talent into a means of livelihood, transcending his current hardships.