Edward Kirathe: Meet the Kenyan Billionaire Behind Nairobi’s Qwetu Hostels

Prominent Kenyan businessman Edward Kirathe is well-known for making large investments in the real estate market, especially in dorms for students. He is the creator and CEO of Acorn Investment Management Limited, the business responsible for the construction of Nairobi’s Qwetu and Qejani student housing complexes. He has worked in East Africa’s real estate market for over 25 years.

Background, Early Life and Acorn Investment Management Limited

Edward Kirathe’s journey to becoming a billionaire entrepreneur started from humble beginnings. Born and raised in Kenya, Kirathe had a keen interest in business from a young age. He pursued his education and later ventured into the business world with a vision to revolutionize student accommodation in Nairobi. Acorn Investment Management Limited is a real estate development and management company founded by Edward Kirathe. The company focuses on providing affordable and high-quality accommodation solutions for students in Nairobi. Acorn’s flagship projects, Qwetu and Qejani student residences, have set new standards in student housing in the region.

The billionaire behind Qwetu student hostels( Image , courtesy).

 Qwetu Hostels and prices

Qwetu and Qejani student residences developed by Acorn Investment Management Limited have been a game-changer in the student accommodation sector. With over 4,300 students accommodated in these hostels, they have not only met the growing demand for student housing but also provided a comfortable and secure living environment for students.Both Qwetu and Quejani  continues to dominate the field of luxurious hostels in Kenya,  they have a community of  thousands of students, the branches are  in Jogoo road, Ruaraka, Safaripark, Parklands and hurlimgham. They do offer affordable rooms with options starting from as low  as ksh. 12500 per month.

Edward Kirathe’s Business Success

Edward Kirathe’s success in the real estate sector is evident from Acorn’s financial performance. In the financial year ended December 2022, Acorn recorded a net profit of KSh 855 million from student hostels, highlighting the profitability of this investment. Edward Kirathe’s contribution to the real estate sector in Nairobi goes beyond financial success. His projects have created employment opportunities, stimulated economic growth, and improved the living standards of students in Nairobi. His vision and leadership have inspired other entrepreneurs to invest in the real estate sector, contributing to its growth and development.In conclusion, Edward Kirathe is a visionary entrepreneur whose contributions to the real estate sector in Nairobi have been significant. Through Acorn Investment Management Limited, he has not only created a successful business but also made a positive impact on the lives of students and the community at large.