John the Baptist From Bungoma: Mimi Bado Kijana, I’m 83 Years But I Will Live For 260 Years.

The self-proclaimed John the Baptist, hailing from Bungoma’s Nandolia village, has once again stirred up online discussions. This time, he chose to disclose the number of years that he believes Almighty God has destined for him to live.

At the age of 83, this man, who is the husband of 46 wives—with the youngest being 23 years old—asserts that he is no ordinary human being. He identifies himself as one of the senior prophets of God, boldly claiming to be the one who baptized Jesus Christ.

According to John the Baptist, his prophetic insight reveals that he still has 177 years left in this world. God, he claims, has shown him that he will depart at the age of 260 years, positioning him as a youth in the grand scheme of things. Undeterred by his 83 years, John has ambitions to expand his marital ventures by seeking more wives. Presently, he oversees a vast family, comprising 290 children and presiding over eight homesteads. Financially prosperous, he ensures the well-being of all his wives.

One of his youngest wives acknowledges the challenges of maintaining fidelity due to his prophetic abilities. She conveys the belief that attempting to deceive him would be futile, as he possesses the uncanny ability to discern such actions. Consequently, she approaches their relationship with a sense of trepidation and has committed herself to stay with him indefinitely.