“I Refused 100 Million From A Man who Wanted Twatwa! with Me in Bed,Hiyo ni Pesa Kidogo sana Ya kumpea Asali”

Controversial radio presenter Kamene Goro has claimed that a secret admirer offered her Sh100 million for her sexy body. Kamene, who opened up last year that she has slept with 27 men, shared the latest development on Instagram, even though she did not reveal the identity of the man.

In her post, Kamene urged women not to accept such offers, stating that no amount of money is worth exchanging for their bodies. She further emphasized that women should focus on working hard, and God will bless them abundantly.

“It doesn’t matter if he could afford it or not, I don’t think it’s something that should be happening; ladies, let me tell you, anything any man is offering you in exchange for your body, Father God will give you ten times more from your work!” Kamene wrote.

Kamene’s post sparked a heated discussion on social media, with some people criticizing her for being hypocritical, considering her past confessions. However, others commended her for her courage to speak out against objectification and prostitution.

The post also garnered attention from mainstream media outlets, with several news publications featuring Kamene’s story. Many people searched for Kamene’s name online, and her social media accounts saw an increase in traffic.

In conclusion, Kamene Goro’s post about a secret admirer offering her Sh100 million for her body caused a stir on social media and garnered media attention. Despite the controversy, Kamene’s message about valuing oneself and not selling one’s body for money is an important one that resonates with many people.