How To Disable Irritating Safaricom ‘End of Call’ Notifications-Flash SMS Message

Yet again Kenyans are finding themselves complaining regarding unnecessary addition by Safaricom.

The telco company has as of late decided to besiege its clients with pop up messages as well as SMS messages after every call.

A few clients have highlighted how disturbing this is, thus far, Safaricom’s solution has been to let users ‘opt-out’

This is very unusual due to the fact that very few opted in in the 1st place. A single popup might be alright, however a barrage of so called ‘flash messages’ has a way of getting on someone’s nerves.

solutions given by Safaricom to opt out include.

  1. Dial 4567#

2.Click 3 (End of Call Notification)

  1. Click 2 (Pot – out)

Ideally this should disable the notifications moving forward. And hopefully Safaricom will ask for your consent before enrolling you in similar gimmicks in future.