Why The viral kanjo Askari video has convinced Maina Kageni not to Marry anytime soon!

During the morning broadcast on Classic 105, the dynamic hosting duo, consisting of Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i, engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue concerning women and their behavior, particularly in situations where they become vocal and dramatic.

The topic of the day was centered around the question, “How should one handle a woman who raises her voice and becomes theatrical?”

The impetus for this morning’s discussion was a viral video depicting a woman defending herself from a city “kanjo” officer who had intruded into her car while she was parking.

The lady’s reaction in the video triggered a wide range of responses from the public. Men criticized her for what they perceived as disrespectful and uncouth behavior, while women came to her defense, arguing that she was merely responding to a provocation.

After watching the viral video, Maina remained steadfast in his stance and declared that he had no plans to marry anytime soon, stating, “I’m the one you want to see settling down, but I can’t. I am not going to marry anytime soon.”

Listeners wasted no time in dialing in to share their perspectives with the hosting duo. Here are some of the viewpoints they expressed:

The first caller remarked, “Today, I’m delighted that you’ve seen the true nature of these individuals. These women don’t care about anything. When you make a mistake, they’ll confront you, and they won’t even consider the presence of children in the house. Because of these women, you’ll find a man at a bar at eight in the evening, and it’s all because of what they experience when they return home.”

The next caller offered their opinion, saying, “Children will annoy you, they’ll infuriate you, and your husband will also be a source of frustration. You must stand your ground and be strict to prevent people from taking you for granted. Stop labeling women like that as problematic; it’s you who stress us out. When we reach our breaking point, you start saying we lack manners. Don’t provoke us, and we won’t react that way.”

The final caller shared a personal experience, saying, “This issue goes way back, and I’ve been through it myself. I found this lady problematic, so I married someone else, but now they’ve teamed up. The peace I sought remains elusive. I don’t know what secret these two shared, but when they open their mouths, you’re in for trouble. I looked for tranquility elsewhere, but it only got worse. Now I’m jumping from one house to another, feeling exhausted, and the chaos persists.”

The hosting duo concluded the morning conversation by wishing their listeners a wonderful Mashujaa Day ahead.