Krg The Don: Amberay’s Son Looks Like Me, But I Have Never Been in a Relationship With Amberay.

Krg the Don, a controversial singer from Kenya, has captured the hearts of many Kenyans with his recent announcement regarding his alleged daughter, Yvonne Njoki. Regardless of the outcome of the DNA results, Krg has expressed his commitment to support the young girl. During an interview, Krg The Don also brought up Amberay, intertwining her in the narrative.

In a conversation with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don emphasized the need for Kenyans to refrain from making judgments and drawing conclusions solely based on appearances. This response was prompted by those who claimed that Yvonne bore a striking resemblance to Krg, leading to assumptions about their biological connection.

Krg The Don defended himself by stating that it is not uncommon for people to have lookalikes who are unrelated to them. Many individuals may share similar physical features, but it does not automatically imply any blood relation or connection.

To illustrate his point, he cited Amberay’s son, Gavin, as an example. Krg acknowledged that some Kenyans have remarked on Gavin’s resemblance to him, which indeed holds true. However, Krg clarified that he has never had any personal involvement or relationship with Amberay.

“People simply bear resemblances; it’s a normal occurrence. For instance, some Kenyans claim that Gavin, Amberay’s son, looks like me. But the truth is, I have never had any connection with Amberay,” he explained.

The singer urged Kenyans to avoid hasty judgments, emphasizing that one can bear a resemblance to him without any familial ties or association.

Nevertheless, Krg the Don concluded by expressing his willingness to engage in a discussion with Yvonne’s mother, take responsibility for Yvonne’s education, and provide support. He emphasized the importance of these actions, highlighting his financial capability to fulfill such responsibilities.