Karen Nyamu speaks on why she followed Samidoh to Australia Trip.

Karen Nyamu and Samido, a couple renowned for their love dramas, recently embarked on a vacation to Australia. This getaway, taken by the two lovebirds who share two children, offered a glimpse into their adventures. Throughout their tour, they were often seen performing together, with Samido taking the opportunity to introduce his beloved Karen Nyamu to their fans. Unreservedly, Karen Nyamu documented their tour and vacation, sharing the highlights on her Instagram page.

During a recent morning interview on Tv47 and Radio 47, Nyamu addressed the rumors surrounding their Australia trip. She clarified that their journey Down Under was not an attempt to make Samido’s wife, Edday Nderitu, jealous. Nyamu explained, “My husband has been on international tours throughout this year. He spent a month in Europe, and I was not with him. He traveled to China, and again, I was not there.” Nyamu revealed that the Australia trip had been planned well in advance, with their visas coincidentally being approved at the same time. She emphasized that her decision to accompany Samido was driven by her own availability at the time, rather than any ulterior motives.