Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi Looking for a Man Who Rejected Sh 47,000 per Day Job, Offers to Find Him Employment

Comedian Eric Omondi has stepped forward to assist a man named Alson Manyama, who garnered attention for declining a well-paying job offer.

Manyama made headlines when he turned down a lucrative job opportunity worth Sh 47,000 per day, citing his belief in his market value and asserting that he deserved more than Sh 52,000.

Omondi took to social media on Sunday, April 7, 2024, to express his intention to support Manyama in his job search. Through his social media platforms, Omondi announced that he had access to over 400 job openings and was committed to helping unemployed youths, with Manyama being a priority.

In his post, Omondi stated, “I am searching for Alson Manyama. We have secured nearly 400 job opportunities and will soon begin the distribution process. I want him to be one of the first recipients. If you have any information about him, please DM his number or tag his page in the comments.”

Manyama gained widespread attention after showcasing several academic certificates online, underscoring his dedication to education. With ambitions to obtain a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) by 2025, Manyama recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Management – Digital Business from Wits University in South Africa.