From Grass To Grace: How Simon Kabu Built His Multimillion Tourism Company “Bonfire adventure”

Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah have been a highly regarded couple, known for their success in the business world. However, their 12-year marriage recently faced a significant challenge that surprised many Kenyans. Sarah opened up about her marital struggles, revealing that they began a decade ago and that she has been living a fake life ever since. Despite acknowledging that their marriage had its good times, Sarah reached a point where she could no longer pretend, prompting her to speak out. She apologized to Kabu publicly and expressed her willingness to resolve their issues privately, hoping that they can work things out.

Simon and Sarah established their leading travel and tour company, Bonfire Adventure, from scratch. The company was born out of their shared passion for activities and adventure, which they eventually turned into a business. After several successful events planning, they registered the company and advertised it on their personal social media accounts. They started with a modest capital of Kshs10,000, which they used to buy an office desk from a relative.

Simon’s interest in entrepreneurship dates back to his high school days, where he worked at his aunt’s shop selling chapatis and mandazis. He later enrolled at Egerton University to pursue a Bachelor’s in Economics, but due to financial constraints, he was forced to drop out and find a job to pay for his tuition. He landed a job as a tout on matatus plying the Githurai 44 route, a testament to his unwavering determination to succeed.

Despite the recent challenges in their marriage, Simon and Sarah remain an inspiration to many for their entrepreneurial success and resilience.