Ex-Citizen TV Reporter Kimani Mbugua’s Father Reveals How Ladies Made His Son Go Mad

Amidst his undergraduate tenure at Moi University, Kimani Mbugua embarked on a pivotal juncture in his career by securing a position at Nation FM, thereby igniting a transformative odyssey.

This initial stint burgeoned into a multifaceted role as an Entertainment Reporter and Producer at Nation Media Group in 2016. Within this capacity, Kimani co-steered the Trend Show alongside Larry Madowo before transitioning to a reporting role at Citizen TV under the aegis of Royal Media Services.

Nonetheless, Kimani Mbugua’s trajectory took a dramatic turn two years prior when he found himself grappling with mental health challenges.

During an episode of Oga Obinna’s show, Kimani’s father divulged distressing revelations concerning his son’s ordeal. He disclosed that Kimani had unwittingly been drugged by unidentified women while socializing with friends at a club.

“My daughter confiscated his phone after he departed from the gathering and witnessed him collapsing, retching, and being accosted by some females. Prior to this, my daughter stumbled upon footage on my son’s phone depicting a glass of wine tainted with unknown substances, which he was coerced into consuming, resulting in vomiting and further assaults,” the father recounted.

In a bid to address the situation, Kimani’s sister seized the recording, only to later realize that the phone had vanished while Kimani was incapacitated for four days due to cocaine ingestion.

“The toxicology report corroborated additional consumption of marijuana,” the father appended, shedding light on the magnitude of Kimani’s substance misuse.