Brown Mauzo shows off his model daughter SEE PICS

Singer Brown Mauzo seems to be wholeheartedly embracing his single status while fully embracing fatherhood. Earlier this year, Mauzo revealed that he is a father of five, and one of his children is his beloved daughter named Zulfa. In a recent series of heartwarming beachside pictures, the father and daughter duo are seen bonding, and Zulfa expresses her affection for her father with a touching message.

Zulfa, who is also a model, penned a heartfelt message to Mauzo in one of the photos: “I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king ❤️ @brownmauzo254.” Clearly, the bond between them is strong, and Mauzo couldn’t help but reciprocate the love in his response: “Furahiiday ❤️😊 …Meet princess @zulfa_brown my first book.”

Approximately 11 weeks ago, Mauzo shared a photo of his son, Prince Ice Brown, taken with Vera Sidika. At that time, he initially tagged the Instagram accounts of his other four children but later edited the comment to remove the mentioned accounts that directed fans to individual children. However, keen-eyed netizens had already counted that he was indeed a father of five.

This revelation prompted surprised reactions from fans, who were left wondering about the exact number of his children. Some comments from shocked fans included:

  • Sarantha_migel: “Kwani Mauzo uko na watoto wangapi 🙊”
  • 9291lili: “Mbona Zulfa Hana account nataka kufollow the whole family”
  • Annie_annarlisae: “Kumbe Kenya tuko na father Abraham wetu, Tz has nothing on us.”
  • Ednaoketch: “You mean uko na baby mamas watatu eii 😂😂”
  • Jazzy_3ali: “Kumbe unakuaga father Abraham 😂”
  • Georginahsamuel: “Uko na 5 😂😂😂😂”

Mauzo’s fans have often remarked on his good genes, and this is not the first time the coastal-based singer has been complimented in this way. When he announced his breakup with Vera in August, he expressed his bewilderment with the words “I don’t know why they Love me.” He was told that he is handsome and has light skin, qualities that are sought after by women who desire light-skinned offspring.