Where Did the Famous Coro FM Presenter Captain Njoroge Wa Njeri Go? Monica Kagoni REVEALS

Coro FM Presenter Captain Njoroge Wa Njeri is apparently one of the most celebrated radio presenters who at any point graced the audience members of Mt Kenya region. Njoroge was born in Limuru by a single mum and later began his career as a priest however later progressed to radio when he was employed at Radio Sayare in Eldoret and took his big move to Coro FM where he turned into a major brand.

He worked for a period of nearly 10 years with big names in the business including Waithira Muithirania, Man Simo, Katta and Nyoxx who right now works at Inooro FM. In 2013, Njoroge gathered his packs to visit the United States of America (USA) explicitly Boston where he right now lives and maintains different sources of income.

Njoroge was at first on a visit VISA however subsequent to working a couple of jobs he chose to extend his visit there. He however also worked as a radio personality at Jambo Boston Radio, a vernacular radio broadcast that broadcast its content in Kikuyu in the USA.

Moreover, Njoroge began his own church known as Ministry of Hope in Texas after Covid desolated the economy disturbing the greater part of his jobs and this is what he has been doing. As of now, the Ministry of Hope communicates its administrations online through an android application, YouTube channel and Facebook page however he is planning to begin a radio station in Kenya.