The other side of ‘MAN SIMO ‘that you need to know

Kameme FM Kikuyu vernacular radio station had raided Inooro FM and poached pair of man Simo and Katta to its extraordinary ability table. It was during the change to Kameme FM that Simon Kabue Mburu also called Man Simo assaulted his wife..

That day,he got back home drunk with a young girl he had picked from a bar he was drinking at and when arrived home,his wife opened the door for him, but was surprised to see her husband in the company of another woman.

Kabue requested for cash from his wife so they can go out and continue drinking however she wouldn’t yield to his demands and at that point, the situation spun out of control.He pounced on her and beated her with no mercy to an extent of being critically wounded.

The was an alert to the neighbours who called the police and they arrested Kabue and was locked up in a police station in Eastlands.

He used to host “CUA CUA” show together with Katta in the evening from Monday to Friday from 4PM TO 7PM on Inooro FM but has since joined Kameme FM. Together the host a show called “Humuka” that has made them from to be reknown top celebrated journalists.